About Marc Johnen

 After working for more than 25 years in various financial departments of medium-sized to large companies, I have decided to specialise in the transfer of family-owned businesses.


I have a real passion for this particular field, and I now act as a consultant to directors who wish to take their companies forward. Passing over the reins to the next generation or to outside investors is a long and delicate process. This process needs careful planning in order to achieve success in this new stage of the company’s development.


The professional experience I have gained working for various internationally renowned companies as well as local companies has enabled me to acquire an overall vision of your environment.


I am constantly considering aspects, such as, the economic environment, budgetary and financial management, the legal context and management of human resources.


As a member of the Intermedium International network, and jointly with various financial and legal specialists, we are constantly looking for the very best solution for our clients, and working towards the successful completion of the project.




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Mes honoraires

 We offer two types of fees: 

  • Result-based Fees: A percentage of the sale price to be paid by the client upon completion.
  • Consultancy-based Fees: These fees depend on the complexity of the project and the duration. 

Free Consultation: The first consultation to gain an understanding of the client’s requirements and expectations.