Businesses for sale Advice on selling a business

We specialise in the sale of family-owned businesses operating on a national or international scale, and we guide:

  • The business owners through the business sale project
  • The potential purchasers with their business acquisition

In order to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected, and in accordance with our professional code of ethics, we discuss every stage of the company transfer with full transparency. Our pro-active approach and our discretion are crucial factors to achieve that ultimate successful sale.


Any intervention on our part takes place in perfect collaboration with our clients’ trusted advisors (lawyers, auditors, chartered accountants, etc.).



With the assistance of our legal experts, we provide constant guidance throughout every stage of the merger and acquisition process.



Description of the Process

As soon as you have signed the letter of engagement, all our financial, legal and human resources expertise will be at your service throughout the entire process.


It is common practice for us to start our projects by performing an initial audit of the existing business. This start-up appraisal enables us to identify the company’s strengths and to work on any potential weaknesses.


It is extremely important to us to construct a credible project both for the vendor and for the purchaser.


We guide our clients through every stage of the process, and this from the initial contact to the closing stage, with careful attention being paid to Due Diligence.


All agreements, both in the preliminary and final stages (Share Purchase Agreement) will be approved by specialist lawyers.


Our fees will be openly discussed and agreed at the start of the collaboration. They will be laid down formally in writing in the letter of engagement.